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Why OGVO-Ghana?

Our Generation Voluntary Organisation (OGVO) prides itself on being a highly regarded volunteering organisation that constructs partnerships with the communities we work in.

Our mission is to foster a whole range of cross-cultural understanding and amity by providing young people with quality opportunities for international volunteering, interns, inter-cultural exchange and travel experience, education and training.1


High School Specials

Our High School Specials Programs are designed specifically for teenagers and are international volunteer projects that are service-oriented. This program was created in 2008 and came out of our interest in making a program geared to high school students interested in volunteering. Our High School Specials are a group of four projects that have facilitated an abroad experience for over 300 youth from across the globe to assist on service projects in Ghana.

High School Specials are structured specifically to take into account the needs and potential issues facing less traveled volunteers who are younger. We modified our programs to take full advantage of youthful optimism and energy in order to accomplish real goals.

Our High School Specials are open to teenagers who are full-time students and aged 15-19 years old. Every project is structured with weekend excursions, evening activities, observational work, hands-on service, and sessions of teaching. These programs typically last from two to four weeks so that volunteers will be able to maximize their time and to really earn a community service credit or as a noteworthy part of a college application.

Medicine and Healthcare   Coach Football to Children   Care and Community

OGVO offers a unique 2 – 4 week internship for graduating high school sophomores and juniors who wish to pursue a career in medicine. Are you interested in becoming a doctor or healthcare practitioner? Join us in Ghana and start building up your skills even before entering university!



Volunteers can make a contribution by coaching football, the most popular sports in Ghana. You will work alongside local coaches to help children develop their skills, increase their confidence, and referee matches.



Volunteers can have a positive impact by caring for children in local schools or orphanages. You can give back by playing games and arranging activities, as well as contributing to the community by renovating and decorating schools and centers.




Microfinance for Economic Empowerment  

For high school students with a passion for microfinance and an interest in finance, banking or lending, spending part of the summer in Ghana on our Microfinance for Economic Empowerment program is the perfect opportunity. You will gain practical experience while immersing yourself in the local culture and becoming part of the community.





“As a westerner coming to Africa for the first time, Ghana has provided an excellent introductory experience to the continent. While the spirit of Africa is certainly alive and well here, Ghana's people are welcoming, and give off a certain friendliness and hospitality that is not to be found in other African countries. read more>>
Alexander J. Godfrey, Australia

  • Medicine & Healthcare Internship
  • Dental Elective Program
  • Volunteer Orphanage Program
  • Volunteer Street Children Program
  • Veterinary Internship Placement
  • Disabled Children Volunteers Placement 
  • Journalism Internship Placement
  • Microfinance Volunteers Program
  • Summer Community Service & Travel
  • Construction Volunteering Programs
  • Educational Trip for School Groups
  • English Teaching Volunteers
  • Wildlife Volunteers Placement
  • Midwifery School Electives/Internship
  • Agriculture & Farming Volunteers

Quick facts about Ghana
  • Arrival airport …………Accra (ACC)
  • Capital City …………… Accra
  • Religion ……………………Christian
  • Currency …………………Cedi (GHC)
  • Population ……………… 24 Million
  • Language …………………English (official)
  • Time Zone ……………… UTC + 00:00
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