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Why OGVO-Ghana?

Our Generation Voluntary Organisation (OGVO) prides itself on being a highly regarded volunteering organisation that constructs partnerships with the communities we work in.

Our mission is to foster a whole range of cross-cultural understanding and amity by providing young people with quality opportunities for international volunteering, interns, inter-cultural exchange and travel experience, education and training.1

Custom Group Volunteering Abroad-Ghana

Become a volunteer with OGVO Volunteer and Tours based in Ghana. You will be able to plan volunteer opportunities around your school breaks or even with your home institution. We create customized programs for groups, high schools, and universities. We want you to have a positive learning experience out in the world while you help to improve communities in Ghana. We can tailor programs to specific interests and backgrounds while also working to broaden your world view. This is a comprehensive program that will allow students to volunteer and make a difference in the world while gaining field experience.

We are excited to work with you or your teacher, professor, or group leader in order to create an individualized itinerary to help accomplish your goals. There are a wide range of projects open to volunteers in Ghana. Here are a few options:

- Language instructors or interested groups can go to Ghana in order to hone their language skills while giving back to the local community. Volunteering with children is a great, informal and straightforward way to practice a new language. Volunteers will be placed in an environment where language learning is unavoidable and there are endless opportunities for practice

- World studies, anthropology, sociology, psychology, cultural classes, and other similar majors can travel together to learn about foreign cultures. There are many nearby excursions including exploring ancient African culture in Ghana.

- Schools and groups can participate in physical projects that include renovation and development. Build class rooms, orphanages, health centers, and other important infrastructure buildings. See your skills improve and the tangible results of your efforts as you create a safe space for underprivileged children to learn and explore.

- Students with a science background can volunteer with conservation organizations that focus on environmental projects. This is a great choice for students interested in biology, chemistry, veterinary studies, conservation and ecosystems. Volunteers will work with local organizations to launch cleanup campaigns, plant trees, and engage in the agro-forestry project. Volunteers will work with environmental education initiatives and agricultural projects such as working with cocoa and coffee plantations, oil palm plantation, clearing farmland, transplanting seedlings and harvesting crops.

- Journalism students can volunteers with global writing and photography programs with OGVO Volunteer and Tour. Students can improve on their technique as they capture daily life, flora and fauna, history, culture and local traditions.

- Students with academic backgrounds including psychology, therapy, teaching, nursing, healthcare, engineering, social work, medicine, management, business and others can individualize projects with OGVO Volunteer and Tour. Potential projects include volunteering in schools, working with disabled people, helping in an orphanage, working in clinics/hospitals, constructing community projects, and other ways to help volunteers accomplish their future career goals by adding to their resume.

- Specific groups and sports teams volunteer with local communities to share their interests and talents. Sports clubs can bond with local communities by teaching their sport and bringing equipment for the children and community members to play with. Musical clubs/choirs/bands can bring instruments and show local children how to play music. They can also plan and execute community events such as talent shows.

Usual itinerary:

There are usual three parts of the OGVO itinerary: orientation, volunteer projects, and travel. We can adjust each stage to fit your group’s needs. We want to make sure that every experience you have is well-organized so that you leave with a rewarding and positive impression.

- Orientation stage: Your group orientation can last anywhere from 1-7 days. This orientation will provide your group with information about Ghana, daily life, local foods, safety issues, religion, history and basic information about your project.

- Volunteer stage: After your orientation, your group will then go to your volunteer project site. Your volunteer experience can last anywhere from 7 days to 12 weeks. This is completely dependent on your availability and schedule. You will have access to a wide range of projects including working in an orphanage, school, construction project, health awareness (basic health and sanitation, HIV/AIDS and disease prevention, etc.), community development projects, conservation efforts, and anything else that interests you and your group. Volunteers will stay with a host family, on a home base or in a hostel.

- Travel stage: Volunteers will be immersed in a new culture while exploring new regions, encountering new flora and fauna, as well as making new international friends. You will be able to travel between 7-15 or more days. This stage comes after the volunteering so you can relax and enjoy. You will visit breathtaking beaches, see historical sites, visit museums, shop at amazing markets, eat delicious cuisine, and just soak up all your time in Ghana.


Volunteer with local communities in a wide variety of projects
Be immersed in a fascinating culture
Have the opportunity to travel after your volunteering experience

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“As a westerner coming to Africa for the first time, Ghana has provided an excellent introductory experience to the continent. While the spirit of Africa is certainly alive and well here, Ghana's people are welcoming, and give off a certain friendliness and hospitality that is not to be found in other African countries. read more>>
Alexander J. Godfrey, Australia

  • Medicine & Healthcare Internship
  • Dental Elective Program
  • Volunteer Orphanage Program
  • Volunteer Street Children Program
  • Veterinary Internship Placement
  • Disabled Children Volunteers Placement 
  • Journalism Internship Placement
  • Microfinance Volunteers Program
  • Summer Community Service & Travel
  • Construction Volunteering Programs
  • Educational Trip for School Groups
  • English Teaching Volunteers
  • Wildlife Volunteers Placement
  • Midwifery School Electives/Internship
  • Agriculture & Farming Volunteers

Quick facts about Ghana
  • Arrival airport …………Accra (ACC)
  • Capital City …………… Accra
  • Religion ……………………Christian
  • Currency …………………Cedi (GHC)
  • Population ……………… 24 Million
  • Language …………………English (official)
  • Time Zone ……………… UTC + 00:00
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